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A-20 Boston

by Dmitri Karlenko

Photos for publishing are kindly provided by Dmitri Karlenko.

Kuban’, 29 May 1943. Photo by Bernshtein
Lt. –Technician of the Capt. Erkin’s squadron is preparing captured German bombs. 30 April 1944.
The best reconnaissance pilots of the 63 BAP: First row (sitting) : navigator Skripnichenko (from Kosenko’s crew), unknown, regiment’s intelligence officer Meyer L’vovich Gonikman, squadron commander Tyulenev (Hero of the Soviet Union – HSU), flight commander Aleksandr Khal’zev, and unknown; second row: navigator Pavel Semenovich Medvedev, his pilot Aleksandr Fedorovich Filatov, navigator Petr Dmitrievich Kanevichenko, pilot Vasiliy Mickhailovich Kosenko, navigator of the Tyulenev’s crew (HSU, his name is not yet identified), pilot Georgiy Timofeevich Perepechaev, pilot (unknown), navigator (unknown), navigator Kalyagin, and squadron commander (HSU later in the war, not yet identified).
A group of A-20 lead by Capt. I.I. Protsenko is returning from a combat sortie. Northern Caucasus, April 1943.
Northern Caucasus, September 1942
Northern Caucasus, September 1942
Northern Caucasus, April 1943
A-20 Boston of Nikolay Rusakov crew. The plane was lost during landing. The crew survived (!). 244 BAD, probably 861 BAP.
A-20 Boston of Nikolay Rusakov crew. The plane was lost during landing. The crew survived (!). 244 BAD, probably 861 BAP.
A-20B crashed during engine trials. Pilot Capt. Ivan Ivanovich Tsema, squadron commander of the 260 BAP, died. Dnepropetrovsk area, 30 November 1943.
Commanding officer of the 8 GBAP (Guards Bomber Regiment) (who also was a political officer of this regiment) G. Yu. Livshits with pilots and ground crews of the regiment.
Pilot Mamaeva-Bezmenova, 244 BAP, August 1943
Major Makarov, political officer of the 244 BAP, Lt. Col. Eliseev, political officer of the 219 BAD, and Lt. Col. Kiselev, commanding officer of the 244 BAP. Krasnodar, August 1943.
One of the airplanes of 244 BAP. Poland, September 1945
One of the crews of 260 BAP (Bomber Aviation Regiment). Unfortunately nobody on this photo is identified.
Navigator Vladimir Skripnichenko of the 63 BAP
Combat sortie, 1943, 63BAP
Crew of Fedor Pomazkin, pilot. To the left – Vladimir Perepletchikov, to the right - Ivan Kiryukhin. 63 BAP, Krymskaya, November 1943.
Pilot Kosenko and navigator Schad’ko, 63 BAP.
After combat sortie. Pilot Lieutenant Nikolay Pavlovich Mekerov, gunner/radio operator Fash Fatyhovich Vakhitov (to the right), and navigator Valentin Vasil’evich Malyakin. Early 1944. 63BAP.
V.M. Kosenko in the cocpit of A-20 prior to a combat sortie. 63BAP.
Airplanes of the 244 BAD (Bomber Aviation Division) soon after the VE-Day

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